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Last Days On Earth is the musical vision of musician, composer and producer Espen Aure, born in Oslo Norway. He creates experimental music within and beyond the boundaries of electronic ambient music.


His passion for music began early in his teens and has since then been playing guitar and other instruments in various projects and bands performing everything from Indian Classical Music, Post Rock, Psychedelic Space Rock and Klezmer Music.


Kabra Veena & Indian Classical Music study Varanasi, India 2001

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MU Modular Synth


With the use of various instruments such as guitars, synthesizers, sequencers, effect machines and processing equipment he follows in the footsteps of classic electronic ambient acts like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze, Manuel Gottsching, Brian Eno, Steve Reich and Terry Riley, as well as contemporary psybient and downtempo music.

"If you think of music as a moving, changing form, and painting as a still form, what i’m trying to do is make very still music and paintings that move. I’m trying to find in both of those forms, the space in between the traditional concept of music and the traditional concept of painting." -BRIAN ENO

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LE Logan String Melody II

String synth made in Italy 1977